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About Us


A cycling and social community for Media Professionals.

Find out more about MediaVelo


Our golfing community running events and golf days for Media Professionals

Find out more about MediaGolf


Our new Yoga events offering will begin with Yoga events and trips in 2017.

Find out more about MediaYogi


Book yourself on the annual MediaSnow ski and snowboard trip for the 2017-18 season.

Find out more about MediaSnow

James Harrison / Co-Founder

When James is not on the links, he’s either on the road cycling with MediaVelo, watching his teams West Brom or the Arizona Cardinals or hanging out with his family doing all of the above. James has recently been cut to a 14 HCP. Go James.

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Dan Dawson / Co-Founder

Dan is our lowest Handicap golfer and constantly remind us of it. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and 2 kids, and when he’s not running around the world with Mickey Mouse he is entertaining his family at Spurs games or seaside trips.

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Marko Johns / Co-Founder

Marko lives in Harpenden with his wife Chrissy and their 2 mental cats, and they split their time locally between the tennis and golf clubs. Avid Spurs fan Marko plays off 17 but should really be better… although he is the current holder of the coveted Hotspur Cup.

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About Our Company

We formed MediaSportsGroup to empower Media Professionals to build relationships and create a community of like minded individuals through sporting and social events.

Our members work in Media Agencies, Owners and Specialists all over the country who share our passion for amazing sports days, at amazing pleaces, in amazing company.

  • Sports events days around the country for our Media Professionals
  • Annual Training or competitive trips abroad
  • Support and Knowledge in the individual sports by industry specialists
  • Perfectly suited partnerships for each sport offering members discounts on purchases and technical support
  • Awesome community of like minded people

What We Do Best

We have a passion for our sports, our members and our events. We bring that passion through our dedication to making your day or event exactly what you want it to be. Awesome.

Cycling Events and Trips
4 Signature Seasonal Golf Days, Corporate Golf and Golf Trips
Planning for yoga to be Onboarded in 2017!






“I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.”